Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend stuff...

Such a happy girl...and lately such a great sleeper! Right now, self-feeding is our big thang...she will spend an hour trying to put cheerios in her mouth.

Which makes her way more interesting to the dogs.

My favorite thing today is this cool little teak bookend thingy that Grammee Rene found rummaging somewhere. It is such a small little detail that it often goes unnoticed around here, but I notice it every day.

On Saturdays we like to pack the stroller down with all sorts of lunch and lounging accessories and hoof it down to the beach for a while.

Now that we have a jogging stroller I bungy everything down to it, and the ride is much smoother. I heart my Baby Jogger.

Madee is not so into the Tahoe water, it is really cold! She does love to sit and people watch, though...

She and her Dad have gotten really close lately. Her personality is totally blooming and she and her Dad just seem very compatible.

I love to see them together.

And I am probably not the only one.

Charlie finds himself on his own with baby more often, and the ladies are just gushing with attention. There is nothing quite as hot as a tattooed daddy with a little girl.

I guess it is time for him to get another tattoo.

Maybe one that says, "Lady if you are close enough to read this, DUCK! My wife is on to you!"

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