Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back into the Groove

After being gone for an entire month, getting back into our groove is a challenge. It is nice to finally feel comfortable and at home again. Already Charlie is talking about STAYING HERE FOREVER, which is not something I can put in my field of vision, but needless to say, there are people in this household that are happy to be home.

I cannot believe how expensive groceries are here when compared to like, everywhere on our trip. And what about Denver? I thought we were going to think in that direction?

Whatever. Be here now. I have to start getting Miss Madee enrolled in some sort of school for toddlers program and start planning holidays and whatnot - I know, it is August, but seriously, I can't have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas sneak up on me and if I don't start thinking and preparing now, I will be rushed and have to pay full price for things...

Anyway I have so many projects going on with all of that and the house right now that I don't even have time to feel threatened by the "live here forever" smack that keeps coming out of his mouth.

When Little Miss Eden feels fussy, she enjoys a nice bath. Smart girl.

She is such a smiler - all you have to do is talk to her just a little and you get the biggest baby smiles. No gas necessary!

Her hair is falling out - just like Madee's did - but her eyelashes and eyebrows have a definite red tint to them. And her eyes are still a deep grey - how fun to still have characteristics to look forward to!

Dufus is happy to be back in his pretty yard.

Barking at the neighbors.

Auntie Terri and Uncle Cousin Brody came up this weekend.

Brody leading Yoga in the backyard.

My kids love them some Uncle Cousin. He is just so good with them, and even picks Eden up and gets her to her happy place when she is crying.

He is such a cool guy - we are lucky he lives so close.

Madee justs loves to play with her UCB. He's the best Uncle Cousin ever.

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