Friday, August 7, 2009

Things Your Mama Says

Not only am I a blogger, I follow and find all sorts of other blogs. I keep them organized in my favorites and check on them often, as the nature of a blog is that there is something new there all the time.

Some of the blogs I follow have become commercial sensations and have found thousands if not millions of followers. Some of them are blogs a lot like mine - some mommy (or daddy) with a camera and some words on her (or his!) heart. Some of them are great photography blogs that inspire my work. And some of them are great writers that inspire me in that direction.

I admit, I am considering reinventing my own blogosphere to become something that has a broader readership. Something that takes what I am doing now in a few places, fuses it all together and turns it up a few notches - and I have been working on finding my groove in that place.

In the meantime, I keep checking out blogs and letting my inspiration bone be tickled...

I found this wonderful blog, based on 500 pieces of advice for her baby daughter. I love it. I guess I could easily send my kids to her spot when they can read, because the woman has great advice and a beautiful way of putting it.

Anyway, I am starting my own 500 pieces project, as I roll around in the thoughts of "How am I supposed to teach them ________..." I will write them down, hopefully to be one day illustrated and bound for each of them to refer to when in college.

I will call it "Things Your Mama Says." And I will start with my next entry...

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Kim Neyer said...

I just happened to run across your blog on Technorati. "Things Your Mama Says" is a great idea - I look forward to reading what you have to say. I think my favorite blogs are the ones where the blogger is real, raw, and open. Some blogs make it blatantly obvious they are writing for traffic; but when I read blogs like Dooce, I can tell that is really her personality. I think she is so funny - but definitely authentic. When I blog, I just try to write what is on my heart - and I also blog for my family members who live far away.