Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A few pictures during my quiet time

And that quiet time is rare these days.

I spend a lot of my day and evening being screamed at by one of these two...

Madee has what I can only describe as "Toddler Testosterone". So we both have that going for us. Everything in the world can cause her to freak out. This morning she washed her hands for about 7 minutes because the world would end if I turned the water off.

I am just excited that hygiene is one of her interests today. We will learn about water conservation some other day.

She is such a good kisser and hugger. We spend moments before and after naps cuddling. If we are tight in a snuggle hold and Eden starts crying, Madee clings tighter to me, her silent way of expressing "Don't go."

It breaks my heart to have to choose one over the other, even for a minute. They know. And I just don't want that coming between them.

Little ladies in the yard.

Her drool tickles down my back when I hold her over my shoulder. I can't believe she is already going through tooth pain.

I mean, I believe it, I just guess I am in denial that she is growing up so fast. She is supposed to stay my baby for a while.

All the screaming and crying is worth it for these moments. Seeing them together just makes me feel a lot more pride in what we have done here. It isn't easy, and I am guessing no job I have ever had could have prepared me for this one.

I have moments throughout the day where I stand in disbelief that this is my life now. It is so far different than it has ever been before, so much more meaningful and authentic and raw.

It is also much messier, stickier, and exhausting, but I like it. I like it a lot.

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okay..that one made me cry