Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too Tired to Think of a Title

Yesterday we had to run in to Reno to drop Dad off at the airport. I was totally dreading the ride back - alone with 2 babies (they can really wind it up in the car!). I swung through a drive thru on the way out of town, thinking Madee could eat dinner while I fed Eden for the trip home, and bang! Eden was a asleep and Madee was hungry and sleepy so they both slept the whole way home.


Of course the next several hours were not as great, since both girls were screaming their heads off - Eden wanted a bottle (a bottle!) and Madee needed cuddle time. And neither of them could be satisfied with what I had to offer. Oh if I could split myself in two.
Eden wants to look at my face all the time. I am going to print out an 8x10 to tape in front of her because I can't be in her face 24/7. She is just so into eye contact and gooing. We take turns talking and laughing and she just seems, I don't know, smarter, older than she is. When I am alone with her and we are focused and eye contacted and in our little zone - I feel - I don't know, like our souls have been longing a while to be together. Like we have both been waiting for this.
In the moments when Madee is asleep, I give as much of it as I can. The goos, the giggles, the kisses - all of it.

And yes, I wait until Madee is asleep if I can, because I feel guilty about doing it in front of her. (Unless she is in the mood to participate!) I mean, this isn't what she is usually into - she is at a different stage of development, but sometimes she walks in on a good gooing session and I kind of feel like I just got caught making out with somebody.

Madee has been learning how to Ollie. A snowboard instructor friend of ours came to hang out the other night and started getting her balance prepped for the winter. She totally developed a crush on him and a determination to do what he told her. He is so good with kids, I might ask him to be my manny.

We have been doing more independent outings, just us girls, and it has been getting easier to navigate the world with the two of them. I got a new double stroller that has the maneuverability of a Lamborghini, independent reclining seats, and it is light as a feather. It doesn't have a cup holder, but seriously, even with both girls in it, you can drive it with one finger, so you can hold your own.

Learning how to get around in this world with these little people is crucial to my survival. They actually surprise me with good behavior on our grocery trips, or errand running. Sure there is usually a lot of noise and some crying or yelling involved, but we are out there doing it and that feels good. Plus there is always some other mother wherever I go that is dealing with her own litter, and we look at each other like "You poor thing, good luck with that!" Go Team Mom!
Anyway, today we aren't going anywhere. Madee woke up with a raging fever and we have been trying to take it easy this morning. She just went down for her morning nap, and I am hoping she wakes up feeling miraculously better. Maybe it is a good day to break out the cookie cutters and make some awesome sandwiches in the shape of stars...

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