Thursday, August 27, 2009

Too Cute

Despite our little power struggles, I strive to create a fun, almost whimsical existence for the girls. You are only young once, and I really want them to have something almost fantastical to look back on.

It is good for all of us.
Magical Fairy Princess. Wait until she finds out the girls can run countries.

At their particular age difference right now, they don't interact much, but Madee is constantly aware of her presence, insists her name is "Ida", and always has kisses and hugs for her sister.

I can't wait until they can be friends. They hold hands all the time, and if I plop Eden in front of Madee they will smile and play.

It is terribly sweet.
Happy Little Girl
Eden's room is (finally) set up. We will be putting up the crib in our room while she is still nursing, but she has her own little sanctuary now.
Of course she always wants someone with her. I guess a lot of it has to do with her birth order. She was brought into a world full of life and love and wildness, and you can tell. She needs to be with one of us always.

Usually me.

The other day Charlie asked me, "Did you ever think anything could love you so much?" All I ever wanted was to be loved super hard and needed.

Now I want a little alone time, too!

Granddaddy brought this back from China. I am not sure if it will still fit for Halloween but it is so precious!
I cannot resist her charms.

She has a way of instantly changing the subject to cuteness when she is in trouble. And I know who is really in trouble.


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Granddaddy said...

Two know your grandmother was named Ida! And, your mother actually picked this outfit when she visited China with me last year - she should get the credit.

I couldn't keep up with the blog in China since they do not allow such things (also facebook, etc.)

I love you guys.