Sunday, August 16, 2009

Old times, funny faces and playing in Madee's room

In that order...

Chelsey kills me. She has always had such an infectious, devious little smile.

Never mind my butt. Emily looks like Madee.

Never mind my bangs. Emily was the cutest little kiddo! She was fun to play dress up with, but I am pretty sure I am holding er hands down to keep her from pulling something off. That is what I would be doing if Madee was in this picture...

My adorable tired Dad. Charlie knows this feeling...

Lila came over.

Uh Oh face

Smiley face

Seefood face

Seefood smile

Biggest eyes ever

Picking out her clothes. Mommy is excited about fall shopping!

Sitting on her toy bench.

I re-kidproofed her room so she can play in it unattended now. She likes having her own space.

Pretty lips.

Looking for pirates.

Unh. You would never know the tantrums and attitude from this's the face of an angel, and she wears it and works it well.

Precious little girl. You are still Mama's little baby.

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