Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunglasses, pizza, snuggles and strollers

Charlie helped Madee take these pictures of me.

What a great job! What can I say? She has a gift!

It is fun to see myself the way she sees me.

Madee loves acrobatics and airplane rides. We have several tricks we can do in the air on my feet. Emily and Chelsey should remember those fun routines...like Cirque de Soleil!

Rocking out on her dance floor.

She finally wants to wear sunglasses. Too cute! She always looks down because she doesn't trust her feet in the "dark".

Extreme sports action with sunglasses.

My cool kid. She's cooler than me!

Madee and Eden are such good sisters to each other. Eden really responds to Madee - and I am so amazed of how much they seem to appreciate each other's company. It must be nice to be reminded so early that you are not alone!

Mommy's little helper. Madee loves to stand tall in the kitchen and help me with whatever I am doing. She will wash dishes, prep food - you name it!

I have begun organizing at least one dinner a week that she can totally help me cook. She loves it! I love to cook and have been loving it since I was 11. I have lots of things to teach her in that arena!

We made pizza!

Same head tilt.

Woohoo pizzeria night!

Madee licks her pizza shrapnel.

Sweet sleepy Eden. I love to watch her sleep all snuggled up to me, but it is hard to take a picture of that. So my head goes on that pillow right next to her.

She is so beautiful.

What fun, gorgeous daughters I have!

So an update on my awesome stroller...I sold it for a 600% profit!
It was hard to see it go, but it probably isn't the most practical stroller for me now anyway. I need something that accommodates 2 kiddos and impresses me with ease of navigation.

And I want it for a steal!

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