Monday, August 3, 2009

Quiet Moment

It is just after 5:00 and the house is quiet. Madee finally succumbed to a much needed nap and Eden has also fallen into a restful sleep after a few minutes with the vacuum cleaner. We leave the vacuum right by her swing to lull her into sleep. If she is crying, she stops immediately when it is turned on, and she usually is out within a minute or so.

She is seriously cute, like, getting exponentially cuter by the day. Her smiles are too funny and she even laughs at my jokes. She loves to be talked to and tries so hard to say something back. She can say "Goo" and "Hi".

Everybody has really gotten back into the groove of being home. I even think everybody has caught up on their sleep. Dad is a new man.

Note to self. Make sure Dad sleeps.

Here is Dad on a wacky wild ride.

And of course, Madee swinging...

Cute little monkey!

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