Monday, August 10, 2009

Newsletter #3

Wow. I can’t believe how frequently this monthly newsletter seems to come up. Like maybe I didn’t realize how quickly the months fly by. And I did already think they were going by pretty quickly. So, let’s see, where are we? My little girls are…

2 and 19 months old.

I am still counting your age in months. Your dad and I were joking around this morning as he asked me for how long do we even count your age in months, and we decided that maybe we will always count your age in months. And one day you will be 420 months old (and 403 months old). And by then you will be really tired of the monthly photo shoot…

Madelyn. Oh, Madelyn, Madelyn, Madelyn. You may one day be a stand up comedian or possibly bring life back to SNL. How many times a day do I find myself telling you, “ Madee that’s not funny.” Then I say to myself, “That’s hysterical!”, I just don’t want to encourage you. You are constantly running, climbing, jumping, and pushing your physical limits. You are a dancer. You have learned to really shake your booty, and you hear music anywhere and everywhere. Music that moves you. Don’t lose that.

You are SO friendly and you walk up to any kid to see what they are doing and hopefully play together. You are also very quiet, and not feeling confident enough to share your words with strangers. So right now you are kind of like that creepy guy at the party that just walks up to you and stares. (One day you will know exactly who that guy is.) I really enjoy watching you make friends. Your best friend is Lila and you guys play together often. You got to spend a weekend at your cousin Rachel’s this past month and the two of you were just happy like pigs in mud. You actually get along with almost anyone. I am glad you are so sweet natured and like other people. They really like you too. I am looking into getting you involved in Montessori school a couple mornings a week. I think you would really enjoy that.

Lately you have some pretty emotional mornings, and that is really just because you are learning your limits and pushing boundaries to find your comfortable space in this world. You are learning so fast that it must be overwhelming, and your fine motor skills are beginning to astound me. You hold a pen or a crayon in the tips of your fingers like Mommy. You also hold food like French fries or carrot sticks like that to dip them. You love to dip food.

You are also less than cooperative lately whenever Mommy asks you to do something. Like during today’s photo shoot when you wouldn’t stop putting things in your mouth, or wouldn’t stand where I asked you to, or, my favorite, when you refuse to make eye contact with me no matter what. I could be juggling a purple elephant and 3 chickens and you wouldn’t dare look because I might say “no” and your only control over that is to pretend I don’t exist. I am certain you understand about 90% of what is said to you.

You love to get dirty. VERY DIRTY. You say “Zoosh” when the dog comes in your room. You are even more madly in love with your sister. She really seems to like you, too.

Eden, sprout, you are growing like a weed. You are 9 weeks old today. You think I am hilarious and I am glad you get that so early. Your smile lights my world like a firecracker. If I put you down, you scream like a wild animal. Seriously, you would not have been a good cave baby. Cave babies had to stay quiet so other animals wouldn’t eat them. You advertise your deliciousness and thank GOD we have doors with locks on them because I am sure the neighborhood coyotes and bears have heard you. Of course they are probably afraid of you. You sound like a pissed off wildcat. Oh, but pick you up and you are all smiles again. I am pretty sure you are already teething. Figures.

Sometimes the only thing that will calm you down is the vacuum cleaner. I keep it right next to your swing to lull you into sleep with its overwhelming white noise. Your dad laughs when you start winding up and I rush over to turn on the vacuum. I have seen him do it too. There is one very very clean spot in our carpet right next to your swing. You continue to be a good baby and I love to have baby convos with you. If I coo and wait for you to coo, you never disappoint. I have a feeling you are going to be chatty.

You are also very smart and are good at batting items at your exercise station. You will sit there for a few minutes all alone, soaking in all the tactile colorful learning. Sometimes Madee comes to hang out with you. You seem to really like her. You guys hold hands and snuggle. Boy she wishes she was big enough to pick you up.

Your Dad and I just try and make it through a day and look forward to 5 minutes alone together in the hot tub. We usually get about 3. And then it is time to pass out and start it all over again in the too-soon- to-come morning. We love you girls like crazy. I promise we didn’t always look this old or sound this crotchety. We used to be very cool and pretty and well rested when we chose. Now we are parents. By the time you have any idea what I mean by that, we will be well rested and you will be on this journey. And we will laugh about it a lot and teach your kids that “see-food” thing your dad taught you…

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