Friday, August 1, 2008

29 inches and 20 pounds of fury...

The doctor thinks she's some kind of super baby. He doesn't even give shots and yet she threw a stinking fit and fought him off of her.

She is already a black belt or something.

Thank goodness Daddy was there, because she just gets louder and madder every time she gets shots.

Just shy of 29 inches, 2 oz shy of 20 lbs, she is still quite proportionate. I think one of the nurses said "corn-fed" - and she doesn't even know about this girl's mid-western roots.

Here is an excerpt from an email earlier today. Just a general all purpose list of her development, now that we are just shy of 7 months...

she loves a bottle
she is glad to have freedom of movement
instead of being all snugged up to me
and not able to see the world while she eats

she is really rolling around alot
she gets up on her legs to crawl
and has started rocking in that position
at first with the cheerios she would sit for an hour
trying to get them in her mouth
and maybe get one
she is much better at it now
i have to save her from choking all the time
(*never leave them unattended with cheerios or whatever)

she screams alot
happy screaming
and very loud
and especially in public
we went to the library yesterday

she is starting to growl
and she fusses at zeus when he stalks her saucer for cheerios

she is sleeping like a champ
doesn't like swimming in cold water
her bald spot has a layer of hair on it
her hair is growing like crazy every day
very fuzzy
kind of strawberry dirty blondish
her eyes are still this gorgeous haunting grey

she is almost sitting up
definitely with assistance she can sit a while

she loves her jogger stroller and loves walks in the woods
she sings the whole time because her voice sounds funny
when we go over bumps

she hates having her face wiped at all
she is getting much harder to handle at the diaper station
she hits me a lot
i am pretty sure she is trying to burp me
she pulls my hair like crazy
and always goes for charlie's glasses
i don't wear mine so much right now

in her johnny jumper she jumps so hard
i think she will pull the molding off the door
she watches herself jumping in the mirror
we are all impressed, but with thighs like that
we expect some power jumping!

if you ask her if she wants a bottle she totally reacts
she fully knows what i am saying
and starts crying if i am not super fast
if i were a waitress
she would totally stiff me

she has been waving for a while
and she waves when someone says hi

you would think this kid knew what a photo was
because she smiles at the camera like she knows

her friends notice her more than she notices them
but she recognizes and plays with them

she coughs whenever i cough
or just any time she feels like getting a little extra attention

she is really into peekaboo
crinkly things
dancing and bobbing
flying above our heads
being thrown up in the air
balancing standing up in my hand (over the bed of course)
eating her feet
she likes flowers
and lotion time
and things that smell good
her favorite toy is the gas drops bottle
she is no longer in favor of the vacuum
she loves reggae
she loves this weird water filled thingy that moves shapes inside when she pushes at it
she is out of all her 6-12 months clothes and 12-18 fits like it might not be on her too long
her legs are long
i am pretty sure she is getting longer on the daily
she wants her own laptop
and knows where to touch the keys just like daddy
she pulled 4 of them off his keyboard the other day
she takes a tumble every once in a while but boy can she land it
her favorite color is orange
she is not a fan of booger removal
she undid her own diaper the other day
she pokes herself in the eye every other day
she is laughing at funny events
she thinks the dogs are hilarious
she has to spend about 3 hours a day upside down
doing a lot of this "see what i did!" thing
she protests when you take something away
she had her first taste of ice cream
now she thinks that every thing Mom or Dad eats is ice cream...

This face wants your ice cream.

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