Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who's Happy?

This girl!

I love to play!

This is babyland. I spend most of my time rolling around playing there. Mom rolls her eyes a lot when she is tidying up babyland.

She says it isn't going to always be like this.

This pink ball is really cool. I like to bite it. Dad plays catch with me and sometimes I get it.

That is because I know what I want. So when he rolls it near me I really go for it.

Check out my hair!

Has anybody seen this guy? I am feeling like I forgot something somewhere.

Have a little look at these toes. Mommy is always putting this cold weird lotion stuff on them. She tells me, "People are always touching your toes so we have to clean them so that I can eat them."

Then I eat them.

They are pretty tasty.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Van Dervens!

I've been horrible at staying in touch, but IO'm glad I can catch up here! The pictures are awesome!

Hope all is well!