Saturday, August 9, 2008

My New Room!

Mommy told Daddy he was a little messy. Daddy bought Mom a new Kone. Mommy told Daddy she is glad he is messy. Mommy loves her new dust busting friend...

She says it will be working overtime.

My mommy loves me silly. We lay in bed in the morning as I have my breakfast bottle and we snuggle and coo and hold hands and stuff.

It is pretty great, but when Daddy is here tomorrow for cuddles, it will be perf.

Mommy has been crazy busy while Daddy has been away. She turned my room into a sunset, and my closet is so sparkly and great.

Here is a close up of some details.

And check out this pretty pretty...

And Mommy hung neat things from the ceiling so I can look at them when I lounge around on my back. This pretty pretty gets caught in the wind and makes a lovely tinkly sound.

So what do I think of my new room so far?

I really like it!

This is how I turn around. I can spin very fast. Sometimes I just go in circles for a while.
Like a record, baby.

Kicking back with a classic and enjoying the sparklies in my closet.

It really is fabulous and makes the prettiest night light.

This is how I get up on my back legs and rock around. I tend to crawl backwards right now, which is a little frustrating. I often find myself backed in to a corner.

Yesterday I launched myself forward and totally landed it.

It scared me though. I didn't mean to get so nutty.

And then I swim away on the carpet. I can really move!

Mom thinks she can barely keep up with me now.

She ain't seen nothing yet.

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