Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Girl on the Go

Somebody loves her puppy...

Her hair is growing very fast now, and it sticks up so cute!

Not only can she now sit up without help, she can do it all by herself.

The past couple days I have seen a lot of this tired little face.

She has been playing so hard she just wears herself out. This morning she passed out in the middle of Babytown with her toys still in her hands.

Why is she so tired? Because she has new knees under her, and she is crawling everywhere.

I don't know if she just started noticing all the wires and dog food bowls and other dirty things in our house, or if she has been plotting to get them for a while, but she means business.

Before you know it, she will be ready for these.

I know her Daddy is ready yesterday, but we should probably get her running first.

I didn't touch this shot. Keep in mind that colors on computers are a little different, but these are her gorgeous baby hazels.

She is getting cuter by the minute, and grasping concepts and skills so fast. Too fast.

And she thinks it is hilarious when she farts.

She gets that from her Dad's side of the family.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

It really is crazy how fast those skills come along... someone in our house now knows how to open the dvd player, put in a disk & push play. Can Aubrey borrow some of Madee's hair?