Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Favorite Things Wednesday

OOOOOHH!!! What a sweet little face.

I just want to peeeench it.

Madee is looking for a lip removal specialist.
Since my lips are permanently affixed to her face.

My favorite thing today...

This guy is so amazing. He has got to be the most supportive/loving/smart mouthed guy I know. And so funny...

He is so much more than a husband or a father. He is my best friend.

Anyway, you don't know.
He's so awesome.

Just ask Mad.

"I love Dad!"

Madee's Top Ten Favorite things today:

10. Cheerios

9. Holding Hands

8. Thumb

7. Shoulder Rides

6. Doggies

5. Bath Toys

4. Goofing around outside with Dad

3. Pulling Dad's chest hair

2. Making smirky faces

1. Kisses kisses kisses

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