Monday, August 11, 2008

7 Months Old!


I turned 7 months old yesterday.

I think Mom was a little more excited than I just seems rather often that we get all dolled up and drag this sign out.

And this time she brought out the big guns...

my Packers cheerleader uniform.

I know she is just trying to keep up our team spirits, but we all know that tonight will be weird.

But I guess we all have to try and put this ugly stuff behind us and move forward.

Maybe we should talk about me.

That generally cheers everybody up!

That and kisses. Kisses are always good.

seven months old!

Hey Grampa? When are you gonna get in your truck and come see me? I want to give you kisses!

What being Seven Months Old means to me.

By Madelyn Van Derven, suckas.

Seven months old means
I like to swing around and cuddle upside down.

I like to go up high.

Up in the sky!

I don't know why!
But it makes me laugh...

I can sit up by myself!

Sometimes I fall over.

I like to stand up like a big girl.

And play games with my Dad.

All in all, seven months is pretty good. Things are getting easier and yet more frustrating, it really depends on how long I have been trying to do it.

But my Mommy says I am really good at stuff.

Too good. And she says she will duct tape me to the wall if I try any of that crawling stuff.

Ssshhh. Guess what?

I am so almost there.

I can't wait to find her lipstick...

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Angie said...

Wow! How fast SEVEN months go by! I hope Madee stays up late enough to cheer the PACK on!

Ang and Marley