Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Stuff

I like my new ride at the grocery store. My favorite is to look over the edge


past my dangly feet.

I have been laying low the past few days because I got a little cold. I miss my friend Weston.

He has a really cute smile and he makes me laugh.

And he is a good drinking buddy.

So I think I will keep him.

Hey, maybe you haven't reached your cuteness quota for today.

Have some of mine...I have way too much!

Here's mom's little favorite thing today.

This little guy sits in the window where I take my bath.

Here's my favorite thing today...jumping!




Oh it is SO much fun!

1 comment:

Brody T. said...

Hey, I'm reading your blog!
I love you'all.
Are you coming down this weekend?
Thanks for letting me visit. it was a short but much needed escape from the mad city.
Brody T.