Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweetie McSweetieface

Oh my little Cadet McSpacersons.

When she is tired she stares into nothing or buries her little head into my shoulder. She also sings alot when she is tired...

She is super inquisitive. Maybe that is why she has little Miss Serious Face lately.

Of course she is still having a great time.

It is amazing how she used to seem to have SO many clothes...I have been putting away all of her 6 month clothes, and pulling whatever we have in 18 months to the front of her closet.

Right now she fits perfectly in her 12 months items, but we don't expect that to last too long.

This face totally says, "What are you eating? I want some."

While Weston has been away we have been borrowing his hook-on high chair. The kitchen bar is the perfect place to sit and eat and hang out in our house.

You can even see the TV from there.

She feeds herself!

She feeds the dogs!

It really is a great spot. We ordered our own, since a stand alone high chair just seemed like a strange addition to our living space.

Maybe when we decide to get a dining table...

Anyway, it is her favorite new thing and she loves to play with food. She eats crackers, cheerios, turkey and chicken sticks, cereal bars, fruit bits, avocados, sweet potatoes, pasta, yogurt, spinach...whatever you give her, really.

Just plop it on the tray and she will take it from there.

So thanks to this new development, feeding is a fun learning experience and not a frustrating game of "just try to get it in my moving mouth."

And whatever she doesn't get into her mouth is fair game to the dogs. Everybody wins!

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